Marketing Solutions

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform development and market cloning studies that improve and concentrate marketing actions, minimizing costs and making them measurable (ROI: Return of Investment).

How can you optimize your marketing campaigns?
And how do you assess their results?

Learn the presence of brands, their valuation and the customer’s opinion.

CRM creation
How can you improve the relationship with your client?

Strategic information processing that enables knowledge generation and the update of customer data through algorithms that associate a person’s social security number or address to their personal or family enrichment with exact matches.

Strategic Information
How does your client behave?

Creation of indicators for optimal business decision making that include the integration of internal company variables, such as: clients, business behavior (frequency and amount of purchase); and key variables, such as business interest points, flow generators, potential spending, income, socioeconomic group, regulations, resident and transient population, safety, concentration of companies, direct and indirect competition, and density.

Market Cloning
Are you looking to expand your sales with new customers?

It consists of identifying people similar to the client’s current database. It is shaped in terms of variables, such as: sex, age, place of residence, profession, real estate tenure, vehicles ownership and socioeconomic group. This analysis generates information from a specific group with a high probability of becoming a successful client, incorporating social security number, name, address, district, age, sex and contact information (phone, email and cell phone).

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Georesearch helps customers organize location data and make them a fundamental part of their analysis.
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