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Georesearch enables business analysts to optimize operations in order to obtain unique information and deploy strategic changes.
Here are some of the areas and services we work with.

Sectors and services.

Location: Strategic Location

Applied geointelligence to detect the perfect location and estimate sales in industries such as retail, real estate, mass consumption, utilities, public service, investment funds, health, and education, among other areas.

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Utilities Infrastructure

Irregular customers detection and non-enrolled customers tracking in the electricity, gas and water industries; as well as electric easements viability assessment.

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Marketing Solutions

CRM plataform (Customer Relationship Management) and market cloning that seek to improve and concentrate marketing actions, minimizing costs and making them measurable.

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Government and Public Service

Education, health, demographic, and socioeconomic information analysis that enable public agencies and districts to implement strategic decision making and resource optimization.

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Welcome to the New Generation of Analysis.

Our applications place the location data at the center of the analysis and allow you to develop brilliant solutions.

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Georesearch helps customers organize location data and make them an essential part of their analysis.
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