International Presence

We develop highly effective predictive models,
applicable in various industries in Latin America and the U.S.

Georesearch Figures.

We convert geospatial data into business results.


Estimated versus actual sales deviations


Integrated information layers


Online sales estimates completion time


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We comprehensively face the challenge of helping our clients improve their services and make informed decisions.

Georesearch is the leading company in Latin America

The new information management generation allows Georesearch to lead the Latin American market, with presence in 9 countries: Chile, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and the United States.

We are constantly moving forward and our platforms are being are consistently updated. The new version is already underway. Created with innovative ideas, it will allow you to instantly access the tools you need to make your searches into a reality

We go even further by developing online tools.

During 2014, Georesearch implemented the Information Geointeligence System that estimates potential online sales. An increasingly immediate experience: Available via web platforms and Apps. From this stage it is possible to obtain valuable and strategic information online: estimation models, brand channeling, integrated GAP and CRM integration: customer analysis and their behaviors.

Georesearch begins its history in 2011

It was born with the objective of generating geographic intelligence solutions through geostatistical algorithms that interact with commercial, demographic and socioeconomic variables. The development of complete studies of optimal localization and sales estimation begins.

The company seeks to efficiently support development strategies through behavioral estimates. The use of intelligence information provides new results and is installed as a powerful analysis tool.

The Georesearch team.

Our team consists of over 50 professionals from different areas.
At Georesearch, we have a multidisciplinary team with a strong focus on statistics, mathematics, cartography and geography. All with the sole purpose of developing models, solutions and robust services that help our clients rely on Georesearch as a powerful tool for analysis and strategic decision making.

Our Value Proposition


We generate Advanced Analytics algorithms that integrate multiple variables capable of predicting commercial behavior in different industries.

Problem Solvers

Through our pillars of innovation, market knowledge and resourcefulness, we are able to generate answers and solutions to different challenges.


Our solutions are based on speed, flexibility, engagement and quality.


Responsibility and commitment

Continued updating

Outstanding work

Honesty and loyalty

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