Geointelligence applied to find the optimal location and estimate potential sales for retail, mass consumption, real estate, investment funds, health, education, among other areas.

Where should your business be?
How to define the key areas for your service?

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Location: Strategic Location
Where should your business be?

We design a platform or study that incorporates geographically relevant variables through indicators for optimal business decision making. Key variables: business interest points, flow generators, potential spending, income, socioeconomic group, regulations, resident and transient population, safety, concentration of companies, direct and indirect competition, and density.

Sales Forecast
What will your potential sales be like?

We design a platform or study for real estate development decision making based on optimal location models that integrate demographic, socioeconomic and commercial variables. Applicable under reactive scenarios (known location to assess) or proactive scenarios (there is no known location and regional areas are assessed).

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Georesearch helps customers organize location data and make them a key part of their analysis.
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