Utilities Infrastructure

Irregular customers detection and non-enrolled customers tracking in the electricity, gas and water industries, as well as an electric easements development viability analysis.

Specific information at specific times.
How to detect and resolve irregularities?

Geointelligence among critical variables: environmental, commercial, legal and demographic, among others.

Detection of Irregular Consumers
How to identify irregular consumers?

Platform design based on geointelligence to identify potential fraudulent customers in the electricity, gas and water industries.


Non-Enrolled Consumers
How to identify who they are and where they are?

We use a model that combines three information parameters: general data, property information and owner description; this allows us to identify relevant variables for commercial regularization.

Electric Easements Viability
How can possible zones be defined?

Through a solution that uses registries and critical variables integration, which allows you to make utilities infrastructure decisions. It incorporates environmental, socioeconomic, commercial, legal, demographic, regulatory and territorial planning variables.

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