Government and Public Service

Design of applications for the public sector, security agencies and town halls.
Analysis of education, health, demographic and socioeconomic information to implement strategic decision making and resource optimization.

How to optimize public resources and maximize progress in a short time?

Discover the profile and characteristics of your area, its people and its needs.

Strategic Information
How can the information analysis be streamlined?

Extra layers of demographic, socioeconomic, vulnerability and security information, among others, are added to the public agency relevant information, which offer added value to the public service information to be considered.

Main Services
How can you improve the management of your area?

  • Consulting services and GIS (Geographic Information System) consulting
  • Platform implementation and training
  • “Turnkey” GIS solution
  • Desktop, server and mobile solutions
  • Project management, models and predictors
  • Content delivery and Apps development
  • Integration with other platforms
  • Spatial Data Infrastructure – SDI

What do we look for with our services?

  • Support for transparency management
  • Decentralization of information for decision making
  • Targeting resources, monitoring and activity control
  • Speedy decision making
  • Investment benefit measurability
  • Citizen participation
  • Emergency management support
  • Maximizing and enhancing the use of GIS within the organization

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