How can you place yourself in the right place at the right time?

How can you identify new consumers, maximize your strengths and plan successful sales strategies? Contact us for more information.

Solutions in different industries.


Real Estate Space

  • · Research available properties
  • · Financial analysis on projected sales time and likely sales price
  • · Asset selection and valuation
  • · Unique investment opportunities
  • · Locations or zones that meet your criteria

Mass Consumption and Retail

  • · Discover the best locations
  • · Optimization of businesses and their chains
  • · Identification of potential customers (clones)
  • · Analysis of trends and behaviors
  • · Downloadable information in PDF format

Utilities Infrastructure

  • · Irregular and fraudulent customers detection
  • · Non-enrolled clients detection
  • · Electric easements viability
  • · Territorial planning
  • · Water rights information

Powerful Georesearch analysis tool.

We integrate various databases for you to obtain key information through geointelligence.

Optimal location modeling and prediction

Make informed decisions, plan for the future of your company through demographic, socioeconomic and commercial variables analysis.

Our Services

Georesearch enables the optimization of operations in order to obtain unique information and implement strategic changes.
Some sectors and services we offer are:

Location: Strategic Location

Applied geointelligence to detect the perfect location and estimate sales in industries such as retail, real estate, mass consumption, utilities, public service, investment funds, health, and education, among other areas.

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Utilities Infrastructure

Irregular customers detection and non-enrolled customers tracking in the electricity, gas and water industries; as well as electric easements viability assessment.

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Marketing Solutions

CRM platform (Customer Relationship Management) and market cloning that seek to improve and concentrate marketing actions, minimizing costs and making them measurable.

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Government and Public Service

Education, health, demographic, and socioeconomic information analysis that enable public agencies and districts to implement strategic decision making and resource optimization.

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Geointelligence. Discover the potential of information.

We generate studies and reports for: optimal localization, sales forecast, prediction models, irregularities detection, among others.

 Online Consultation <b>Platforms</b>

Online Consultation Platforms

Customized platform development, depending on the client industry and need

<b>Custom Made</b> Reports

Custom Made Reports

Specific assignments, depending on area or target.

Georesearch: High Effectiveness. Predictive Models

Georesearch is the right platform to convert geospatial data into business results.

<b>Updating</b> and Innovation

Updating and Innovation

Automated platforms and applications, along with methodologies that update our databases constantly.

Flexible <b>Service</b>

Flexible Service

Business model on a monthly, annual or specific partnership basis – according to the creation of specific studies.

Dynamic <b>Behavior</b>

Dynamic Behavior

Mixed behavior modeling and prediction: we incorporate the resident population and transient population, generated through mobility.

Experience <b>Design</b>

Experience Design

Interface design for seamless management and interaction with our platform tools.

Over 250 users work with Geointelligence on a daily basis in different areas of their companies.

Companies from different areas generate reports, review data or confirm key figures to improve their sales strategies.